What can Single Stop do for your college?

More than 40% of the seven million students enrolled in community college will drop out.

Too frequently the obstacle standing between your students and a degree is finances.

Imagine if there were millions of dollars and countless services available to help them stay in college and reach their dreams.

Guess what? There are. We just need to connect those resources to eligible students.

As you know, the cost of attending college goes far beyond tuition and books. Transportation, rent, food, child care….the list could go on and on. And for the roughly 30% of community college students who have a household income of less than $20,000 per year, it only takes a few hundred dollars – one unpaid bill, one flat tire, or one illness – to make the difference between staying in school and dropping out.

That’s where Single Stop comes in. The solution is simple, yet revolutionary.

Our innovative one-stop-shop solution connects underserved communities with federal and state resources – $65 billion of which goes unclaimed each year – that provide temporary and stabilizing financial relief to put students and families on a path out of poverty.


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