What is Single Stop?

Single Stop harnesses America’s most effective anti-poverty tools to create economic mobility for low-income individuals and families.

Through a unique one-stop model, Single Stop connects people to the resources they need to put food on the table, attain higher education, and achieve financial stability. Single Stop meets individuals and families on their terms at the places they frequent most, such as community colleges, food pantries, hospitals, veterans and senior centers, and libraries.

The one-stop-shop model provides unprecedented ease of access to a holistic set of services, in one place at one time, utilizing technology to create maximum impact.


Through a local Single Stop site, clients connect to a wide range of resources and services, paired with a comprehensive package of wraparound services, including tax preparation assistance, financial counseling, and legal counseling. One visit to a Single Stop site can catalyze the transformation of the lives of students and families, opening the door to life-long economic security. Since 2007, Single Stop sites have served over 1.3 million families and enabled access to almost $3.4 billion in resources and services.


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