Who Are Our Partners


Single Stop helps communities break the intergenerational cycle of poverty – one family at a time. Working through food pantries, schools, criminal justice and health care centers, senior centers, and libraries, Single Stop connects families to the resources they need to thrive. Improvements in family finance have been shown to keep families in their homes and put food on the table. It also helps their children stay healthy and do better in school. In fact, parental income is the #1 predictor of college graduation.


Single Stop works with veterans and their families to make the transition back to civilian life more manageable. While 6.6 million veterans live in poverty, they are some of the least likely to access the services available to them. Single Stop’s goal is to change this landscape and make sure that all veterans and their families, regardless of service and discharge status, have access to the resources, support, jobs, and education they need to succeed in civilian life.


Of the more than 20 million students enrolled in college, nearly half drop out. Many do so because of financial barriers. Completing school is not merely an educational achievement, but leads to better jobs and a more secure financial future. The unemployment rate for those with an associate’s degree is just over 4%. Early reports show that Single Stop can increase retention by double digits, helping families, increasing the skilled labor force, and growing the national economy.

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