Single Stop Stories: Sharmine

Sharmine is 32 years old. She has two children, ages 16 and 13. At a very young age, she sacrificed everything to raise her children. She wasn’t able to study because she was caring for her children, but always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Now that her children were a little older, she finally felt…

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Westchester Community College Student Overcomes the Odds with Single Stop

Westchester Community College graduate, Kyrie Philbrook, overcomes incredible odds that could have prevented her from accomplishing her goals, but with determination and support on campus from Single Stop, she has excelled. To read the full story click here.

Single Stop Comments on Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Single Stop issues comments on ground breaking new federal workforce law that has the potential to support millions of Americans in their quest for post-secondary credentials and good jobs. Read our full comments here.        

Colleges Launch Food Pantries to Help Low-Income Students

More colleges are opening food pantries on campus. The response has shown great demand and eroding stigma. Read more. 

Emma Bloomberg on the Robin Hood Foundation’s Future

Gotham speaks to Emma Bloomberg on the 2015 Robin Hood Gala and the philanthropies future. For more…

To Feed More, Food Pantries Learn From Supermarkets

In an editorial by Tina Rosenberg she shows how food pantries across the US are taking different approaches, including focusing on consumer choice and operational efficiency. Read more.

American Innovation Can Narrow the Opportunity Gap for Kids

Wendy Lazarus, founder and co-president of The Children’s Partnership discusses new strategies and innovations that can improve opportunity for low income children in America.    Read more.

5 Big Bets for Social Impact

Carol Cone, leader in corporate social responsibility, highlights five big bets observed at the New Profit Gathering Leaders. Read more.

Single Stop’s Chief Legal Officer Shares secrets to Productivity with Fortune Insider

Single Stop Chief Legal Officer, Angela Dorn, joins Fortune Insider’s Most Powerful Women. A network of business leaders sharing their advice and ideas about careers, and women in the workplace. Read CLO Angela Dorn in Fortune: One easy way to be more productive at work The best way to determine if you’re in the right…

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Partner Springfield Tech Levels the Playing Field for Students in Need

When Single Stop Partner, Springfield Tech Community College, saw students dropping out for financial reasons, they ramped up initiatives to level the playing field. Transforming knowledge into opportunity. To see the full story click here.

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