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“We helped Single Stop come to Boston because we were seeing the actual tangible resources Single Stop was unlocking for their clients and putting real cash and real benefits in the hands of students.”

Margaret Hall, Executive Director & Co-founder, GreenLight Fund
“If it wasn’t for single Stop I would not have been the honor roll student on the dean’s list all these years.”

Diane McManus, Single Stop Client, BHCC Student
“These findings suggest that having a one-stop shop for nonacademic wraparound services and financial support can play a valuable role in promoting student success in college.”

Lindsay Daugherty, Ph.D., Policy Researcher, The RAND Corporation
“Single Stop has been working to create an intervention to support young people to persist longer in community colleges, we all know that college is a critical tool for both financial and personal success in life for young people, but particularly low income young people.”

Lance Potter, Director of Evaluations, New Profit
“We live on a three-legged stool, we have to have the financial means to get our students through whether they are missing food, transportation or a home,  having their taxes done or benefits evaluated and gotten. The second leg is the system of support, academic, social, and emotional. Without those services, the third leg, which is the academic in-class piece can’t stand.”

Pam Eddinger, Ph.D., President, BunkerHill Community  College 
“Single Stop is very tangibly doing some important opportunity gap work, and filling some opportunity gaps.”

Rahn Dorsey, Chief of Education, City of Boston
“In a reference earlier to the cost of text books, $200 is a real barrier to our students. If you have to choose, right now today, between taking the T or eating today, what do you do?”

J. Noah Brown, President & CEO, Association of Community College Trustees


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Staying the Course: Supporting College Persistence in a Single Stop

The Single Stop Impact and Implementation Report

Metis Associates recently evaluated the Single Stop program at Community College of Philadelphia.  The study followed students from Fall 2014 through Fall 2017 and found that students who utilized Single Stop services are more successful in college than their peers who do not utilize the organization’s services.


  1. First-Time-In-College (FTIC) students who utilized Single Stop services were 9.6 percentage points more likely to stay enrolled or have graduated by the end of Spring 2017 than their peers who did not utilize Single Stop. Non-FTIC students had persistence rates that were 8.2 percentage points higher than their peers.
  2. FTIC students had degree-bearing credit pass rates that were 5.6 percentage points higher from Fall 2014 to Fall 2017. Non-FTIC students had degree-bearing credit pass rates that were 6.2 percentage points higher than their peers.
  3. GPAs for both groups were also higher than their peers who did not utilize Single Stop.
  4. The graduation rates for students who utilized Single Stop were also higher. Graduation rates for FTIC students who utilized Single Stop services were 6 percentage points higher by the end of Fall 2017.  For the non-FTIC students, graduation rates were 6.5 percentage points higher than their peers by the end of Fall 2017.


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It started with a simple idea

Provide coordinated access to a safety net of benefits and connect people to the resources they need to attain higher education, obtain good jobs, and achieve financial self-sufficiency – all through a unique one-stop-shop.

It started with a simple idea

Our Work in Action

Single Stop By the Numbers…

1.9 million

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…and by the stories

Meet Maria

Meet Maria

A 28-year-old mother, Maria works full-time but struggles to pay her bills and feed herself and her daughter. To do so, she relies on the local food pantry every month to supplement her groceries. She scrapes by, but barely. She knows she needs help providing for her family’s future, but doesn’t know where to get it. Single Stop has a solution.

Click here to see how Single Stop empowers Maria to thrive.

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